Travellerguru Case Study

Case Study: As a Facebook marketing company, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Travellerguru, a travel agency.


As a Facebook marketing company, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Travellerguru, a travel agency. In just one month, our tailored Facebook marketing strategy yielded impressive results, generating WhatsApp leads, expanding reach, and enhancing the agency’s online branding.

Key Achievements

27+ WhatsApp Leads Generated: Our strategic Facebook marketing efforts resulted in over 27 WhatsApp leads for Travellerguru in 1 week. These leads were highly relevant to the travel agency’s target audience, demonstrating the precision of our audience targeting.

Facebook Post Reach of 65,256: Our campaigns significantly expanded the reach of Travellerguru’s Facebook posts, connecting with an audience of 65,256. This wide reach allowed the agency to engage with potential travelers on a substantial scale.

Paid Reach of 138,207: Our paid reach extended the agency’s posts to 138,207 individuals, ensuring that Travellerguru’s content was seen by a vast audience.

Paid Impressions of 197,785: We delivered an impressive 197,785 paid impressions, indicating that Travellerguru’s content was viewed multiple times by a broad audience. This repetition is essential for building brand recognition and recall.

Online Branding Enhancement: Our consultations and strategies played a significant role in elevating Travellerguru’s online branding. The agency’s presence on Facebook became more consistent and recognizable, fostering trust and credibility with their audience.


The success of this campaign was a result of a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy:

Precision Audience Targeting: We created highly targeted ad campaigns to reach Travellerguru’s ideal audience, ensuring the leads generated were of high quality.

Engaging Content Creation: Our focus on captivating visuals and informative content resonated effectively with Travellerguru’s audience, keeping them engaged and informed about travel destinations.

Consultations: We provided various consultations to the client, offering travel tips and destination recommendations, attracting a larger audience and driving new customers to the agency.

Continuous Campaign Optimization: We monitored and optimized the ad campaigns consistently to maximize the budget’s effectiveness.


Our partnership with Travellerguru underscores the potential of Facebook marketing in generating leads, expanding reach, and enhancing online branding for travel agencies. The addition of consultations significantly boosted engagement and attracted new customers. This case study exemplifies how businesses in the travel industry can thrive in the digital era through strategic social media marketing.