About Our Logo

“Crafting Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional Solutions and Service.”

// About our logo

Our Logo Represents


Our logo represents our vision, values, and beliefs.
The word “Naksha” represents our values and beliefs, and our services that will be our backbone throughout our journey. Each part and word of our logo has expressed our services and beliefs. We have specially designed our logo and chosen our name to give you a clear image of our end.

// About Our Work

Our Success Formulas

Naksha Tech Solution has been operating as a web development agency in Kolkata since 2023, specializing in crafting distinctive and imaginative designs to establish a compelling online presence for your business. Our logo symbolizes our proven success. Our dedication lies in incorporating cutting-edge concepts into our projects, delivering websites that surpass our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our work ethic, positioning us as a respected player in the industry. Above all, we prioritize customer satisfaction, elevating our standing as a leading website development company in Kolkata.

Our Pride

Naksha is known for its genuineness and transparency in work. We are proud to share our ethics that motivate us to provide you with the best possible services to boost your business.

Our Strength

We have the professional expertise to handle our services. At Naksha, we evolve our services to give you the latest components from our end to build a unique-looking website that will bring leads to your business. 

Our Ethics

At Naksha, we always maintain some sort of rules and regulations to keep our ethics intact. Our team of experts are committed to delivering your project on time with ease. We value your time and money which motivate us to keep our clients satisfied.