Piyas Creation Case Study

Case Study: Our Facebook marketing company partnered with Piyas Creation, a local Saree boutique.


Our Facebook marketing company partnered with Piyas Creation, a local Saree boutique. In just one month, we executed a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy that not only generated valuable WhatsApp leads but also significantly enhanced the boutique’s online presence, brand recognition, and reach on Facebook and Instagram.

Key Achievements

45+ WhatsApp Leads Generated: Our tailored Facebook marketing efforts led to the generation of over 45 WhatsApp leads for Piyas Creation. These leads were highly relevant to the boutique’s local target audience, showcasing the precision of our targeting strategies.

Facebook Post Reach of 52,866: Our campaigns expanded the reach of Piyas Creation’s Facebook posts, connecting with an audience of 52,866 individuals. This increased reach allowed Piyas Creation to engage with potential customers on a substantial scale.

Instagram Reach of 14,044: We extended Piyas Creation’s reach to Instagram, connecting with an audience of 14,044. This cross-platform reach amplified the brand’s visibility.

62,915 Facebook Impressions: Our strategies generated 62,915 impressions on Facebook. These impressions indicated that Piyas Creation’s content was viewed by a wide audience multiple times, contributing to brand recognition and recall.


The success of this campaign was a result of a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy:

 Precision Audience Targeting: We created highly targeted ad campaigns to reach Piyas Creation’s ideal local audience, ensuring the leads generated were of top-notch quality.

 Engaging Content Creation: Our focus on engaging and visually appealing content resonated effectively with Piyas Creation’s audience, keeping them engaged and informed.

Facebook Live Consultations: We introduced Facebook Live sessions to provide valuable insights into Saree fashion and styling, attracting a larger audience and driving new customers to the boutique.

 Continuous Campaign Optimization: We monitored and optimized the ad campaigns consistently to maximize the budget’s effectiveness.

 Cross-Platform Promotion: We extended the boutique’s presence to Instagram to tap into a broader audience.


Our partnership with Piyas Creation exemplifies the impact of Facebook marketing in generating leads, expanding reach, and enhancing online branding. The addition of Facebook Live consultations significantly boosted engagement and new customer acquisition. This case study showcases the immense potential for local businesses to thrive in the digital age through strategic social media marketing.