Panacea – Neurotherapy in Kolkata

Case Study: Facebook Marketing Success for Panacea – Neurotherapy in Kolkata

Boosting Neurotherapy Awareness through Facebook Marketing:

A Case Study In the bustling city of Kolkata, Panacea – Neurotherapy has been a beacon of hope for those seeking holistic healing through “NADI MARDAN KRIYA,” an ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy. Embracing the power of digital marketing, Panacea embarked on a Facebook campaign to spread awareness and connect with individuals seeking alternative therapies.

The Approach:

Facebook Paid Marketing: Panacea invested in targeted Facebook ads to reach a broader audience interested in alternative healthcare.
Regular Posts and Management: Engaging content was key, with consistent posts highlighting the benefits of NADI MARDAN KRIYA and success stories from patients.

Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata<br />

Campaign Results:

Campaign 1: 70 Messaging Leads

Through compelling ad copy and targeted audience selection, Panacea received 70 direct inquiries via messaging, showcasing the interest in Neurotherapy.
Campaign 2: 82,760 Impressions

The ads garnered an impressive 82,760 impressions, ensuring a wide reach across the digital landscape of Kolkata.
Campaign 3: 50,889 Reach

The campaign reached 50,889 individuals, generating buzz and curiosity around this ancient healing art.

Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata

The Impact:

Engagement and Enquiries: Panacea witnessed a surge in comments, shares, and inquiries, indicating a growing interest in alternative therapies.
20 Years of Excellence: Serving Kolkata for two decades, Panacea continues to offer relief from treatable diseases through LMNT, empowering individuals towards holistic well-being.
In a world embracing ancient wisdom with modern tools, Panacea – Neurotherapy stands as a testament to the power of digital marketing in spreading awareness and fostering connections for a healthier tomorrow.

Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata
Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata
Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata
Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata
Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata
Panacea - Neurotherapy in Kolkata