Cafe Club 24 Case Study

Case Study: Facebook Marketing Success for Cafe Club 24


Our Facebook marketing company partnered with Cafe Club 24, a charming café. In just one month, our strategic Facebook marketing approach delivered outstanding results, including WhatsApp leads, extensive reach, online branding, and successful customer engagement.

Key Achievements

1. **27+ WhatsApp Leads Generated:** Through our meticulously planned Facebook marketing efforts, we generated over 27 WhatsApp leads for Cafe Club 24. These leads were highly relevant to the café’s target audience, demonstrating the accuracy of our targeting methods.

2. **Paid Facebook Post Reach of 146,915:** Our campaigns expanded Cafe Club 24’s reach significantly, connecting with 146,915 individuals through paid promotion.

3. **Organic Reach of 67,700:** In addition to paid reach, we achieved an organic reach of 67,700. This organic engagement highlights the effectiveness of our content strategy and audience engagement.

4. **Over 200,000 Impressions:** We garnered a remarkable 200,000+ impressions, indicating that Cafe Club 24’s content was viewed multiple times by a broad audience. This repetition is vital for building brand recognition.

5. **Online Branding Enhancement:** Our consultations and strategies played a pivotal role in improving Cafe Club 24’s online branding. The café’s presence on Facebook became more consistent and recognizable, fostering trust and credibility with their audience.

6. **Bulk Booking and Online Reservations:** Our efforts led to a significant increase in bulk bookings and online reservations for Cafe Club 24, indicating the effectiveness of our marketing in driving real business results.


The success of this campaign was the result of a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy:

– **Audience Targeting:** We designed highly targeted ad campaigns to reach Cafe Club 24’s ideal local audience, ensuring the leads generated were of high quality.

– **Engaging Content:** Our focus on visually appealing content and informative posts resonated effectively with Cafe Club 24’s audience, keeping them engaged.

– **Consultations:** We provided various consultations to the client, offering menu recommendations, promotional events, and exclusive offers, which attracted a larger audience and drove new customers to the café.

 – **Online Booking Integration:** We facilitated the integration of an online booking system, making it convenient for customers to reserve tables and place orders, ultimately boosting the cafe’s business.

 – **Continuous Campaign Optimization:** We monitored and optimized the ad campaigns consistently to maximize the budget’s effectiveness.


Our partnership with Cafe Club 24 demonstrates the power of Facebook marketing in generating leads, expanding reach, enhancing online branding, and driving real business results. This case study highlights how cafes and similar businesses can thrive in the digital era through strategic social media marketing and by providing convenient services to customers.