Bhromon Trishna Case Study

Case Study: Facebook Marketing Success for Bhromon Trishna


As a Facebook marketing company, we had the privilege of collaborating with Bhromontrishna, a leading travel and tourism company. In just 2 month, we executed a successful Facebook marketing campaign that resulted in remarkable outcomes, emphasizing the potential of social media marketing for businesses.

Key Achievements

205 WhatsApp Leads Generated: Our tailored Facebook marketing strategy produced 205 high-quality WhatsApp leads for bhromontrishna. These leads were not only numerous but also closely aligned with the company’s target audience, showcasing the precision of our audience targeting efforts.

53000+ Post Reach: Our efforts expanded the reach of Biswakarma Interior’s Facebook posts, reaching an audience of 53378. This extended reach allowed the company to connect with potential clients on a substantial scale.

97187 Impressions: We achieved a remarkable 97,187 impressions, indicating that Bhromontrishna’s content was viewed by a broad audience multiple times. This frequent exposure is vital for building brand recognition and recall.

Online Branding Enhancement: Our strategies played a significant role in elevating Bhromontrishna’s online branding. The company’s Facebook presence became more consistent and recognizable, fostering trust and credibility with their audience.


The success of this campaign was the result of a comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy:

Precision Audience Targeting: We created highly targeted ad campaigns to reach Bhromontrishna’s ideal audience, ensuring the leads generated were of superior quality.

Engaging Content Creation: Our focus on engaging and informative content resonated effectively with Bhromontrishna’s target audience, keeping them captivated.

Continuous Campaign Optimization: We monitored and optimized the ad campaigns consistently to maximize the budget’s effectiveness.

Regular Posting and Engagement: Consistent posting and engagement with the audience sustained Bhromontrishnas brand presence in the digital landscape.


Our partnership with Bhromontrishna exemplifies the power of Facebook marketing in generating leads, expanding reach, and enhancing online branding. These outstanding results underscore the significant potential for businesses to thrive in the digital era through strategic social media marketing.